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Main themes and aims

CIEA Seminar 2000: "Evaluating training and developing further - Agricultural training on the threshold of the next millennium", Posieux, Switzerland, August 20 - September 2, 2000

Evaluation and further development

The terms "quality assurance" and "quality development" have become important in recent years in many countries of the world. This is also true of the training sector. The increasing scarcity of public finance, stronger world-wide competition and greater autonomy of training institutions are reasons for this development in many places.

Evaluation processes are important in the way they help quality to be analyzed and developed further. It should be noted here that evaluation processes can be conceived and organized in very different ways. Correspondingly, their results and recommendations also vary to some extent. The CIEA Seminar 2000 will enable various aspects of evaluation in training to be shown.

Evaluation does not mean the end of a training institution's quality development, however. It is only by examining and verifying alternative courses of action and by applying and transferring concrete measures, using methodology, didactics and organizational criteria, that genuine further development can be achieved.

These two aspects, "evaluation" and "further development", are to be given equal importance as they are analyzed and discussed during the course of the Seminar.

Aims of the CIEA Seminar 2000

The participants will have the opportunity to analyze and discuss various ideas and concepts concerned with the evaluation of training. During this process they will contribute their own experiences to the discussions.

In addition to evaluation, the possibilities of developing training further will also be highlighted and analyzed. During this process, various aspects of pedagogy will be studied, such as curricular development, the selection of contents and the variety of methods available.

With the help of concrete case examples, presented by the CIEA participants and guests, opinions and ideas derived from everyday teaching will be presented and discussed.

Participants will also be enabled to transfer to their own professional situation a variety of new knowledge concerning evaluation and the further development of training.

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